My work as a multimedia artist includes photography, prints, paintings, sculptures, performances and installations. Throughout, I express my desire to reconcile interior and external experiences of the body, to plumb the psyche, and capture the fleeting nature of emotion, sensation and memory.

The work moves between figuration and abstraction, evoking the body’s presence through it’s trace, gesture, and movement through space. Larger images are created from small fragments of the body: multiplied, pieced back together, transformed. The notion of a portrait is examined from various angles and aims to touch the universal and archetypal through the intensely personal. At times frightening and grotesque, beautiful and subversive, anxiety-provoking and pleasurable, I intend to challenge and redefine the limitations of our corporeal body.

My practice has come to encompass public community-based and interactive projects embracing the bodies and experiences of others, in addition to a personal investigation of my own psychology, sexuality, and history. Through presentations in both art venues and street-side, my aim is to connect with ever wider audiences, where one’s personal narrative is reflected¬† and contrasted with a collective story.