“A Port of Views” was a multi-media public project for Greenport, NY in 2015 comprised of a public sculpture on the Observation Deck of Mitchell Park and series of documentary videos.

Sixteen pairs of eyes belonging to successive generations of five long-time resident families – the Tasker, Horton, Watkins, Costello and White families – and look through their pupils to the vista of the port, the Peconic Bay and Shelter Island to the south, with the Village of Greenport reflected in the wheel from behind.

The on-site sculpture acts as a portal to an intimate experience of the individual citizens. Five videos correlate with the families’ eyes featured in the sculpture, where stories and personal connections to Greenport history are recounted by present-day members. The videos are available online and were featured at live screenings during the Greenport Maritime Festival and at the Floyd Memorial Library.

The project was supported by the Greenport Business Improvement District, SFDS Fabrication and Design Shop, King Displays, and a Creative Individuals ReGrant through the New York State Council on the Arts.

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