“This is My Body / Éste es Mi Cuerpo” is a community art project that weaves women’s stories about their bodies with prints created by artist Andrea Cote. Powerful conversations with six women focused on transformative experiences touching on birth, miscarriage, death, accidents, pain, pleasure, and gender inclusivity.

Imagery is drawn directly from the participants’ bodies – these include footprints, palm prints, printed locks of hair, silhouettes and photographic imagery. Fragments and parts add up to a new kind of wholeness that give voice to our collective bodies.

Working with Patchogue Arts Council and the Patchogue-Medford Library, Cote got the word out about the project in various ways. Participants were assured of anonymity, and were given the opportunity to approve of all stories and texts edited from the transcribed conversations. The women’s own stories of embodiment lead the way.

This is My Body / Éste es Mi Cuerpo provides multiple points of entry: a printmaking installation at Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Island; an exhibition at Patchogue Arts Council’s satellite gallery at SEPA Mujer Inc, a non-profit advocating for Latinx women; workshops in “Embodied Transformation” open to all female-identifying and non-binary participants; and public posters throughout the town of Patchogue that lead viewers to scannable private narratives hosted online.

This project was supported by a 2023 Artist Support Grant from the New York State Council on the Arts in partnership with Patchogue Arts Council.